Window Inward

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Window Inward

for String Quartet

Recorded live on April 19, 2018 in Werner Recital Hall at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music.

Martin HebelComposer
David Goist - Violin I
Nayoung Kim - Violin II
Dominic Mileti - Viola
Phillip Goist - Violoncello

Program Notes

Window Inward explores the complex world of emotional memory. Leveraging fundamental dualities—harmony and counterpoint, consonance and dissonance, tension and resolution—Window Inward evokes emotional memories and associated psycho-emotional states within a chromatic sound-world. This approach also sharpens focus on contrapuntal interplay, inspired by, and attempting to create an impression of the intricate, often conflicting currents within the psyche.

Four movements, performed without pause, seek to express the multivalent nature of inner emotional worlds. The first movement, Largo, molto espressivo, seeks to reflect longing and sorrow, featuring the cello as a soloist. Agitato molto, the second movement, is aggressive and assertive in nature. The third movement, featuring viola, juxtaposes contrasting characters as a metaphor for internal conflict. In the fourth movement, the cello returns to a longing and sorrowful mood, this time concluding with a sense of acceptance.

24 minutes | 2018



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