Threnody Vesper

Program Notes

Threnody Vesper explores the experience of emotional pain and isolation that can lead to feelings of futility and despair. By representing these emotional dynamics musically, Threnody Vesper seeks insight into this universal human experience.

Written in one continuous movement, Threnody Vesper begins with a somber introduction by the solo clarinet. The piano and strings weave together dissonant intervals and disparate registers into a dolorous refrain, overlaid by poignant soloistic lines and lyrical melodic fragments, gradually intensifying the agitation.

In an abrupt shift, quick runs in the clarinet and strings contend with stark piano chords evoking more intense emotions. The sudden outburst of the Vivo rises to a frenzy before yielding to an introspective epilogue. Finally, a plaintive clarinet and string melody stretches over tolling piano chords, leading to a wistful conclusion.

11 minutes | Violin, Clarinet, Violoncello, Piano | 2019
Written for Unheard-of//Ensemble, New York, NY



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